Take me

Take me where you are,
Here is not my place,
I want to be with you…
To look into your glory,
To gaze on your face!
Take me where you are,
Grant me this grace!

Identity, Values, Priorities

We live in a culture that tries to impress upon us its own values.

And we, as Christians, if we don’t know our identity, don’t have a good value system and right priorities,

we would borrow these values that are in contradiction with the Word of God.

Our culture has mainly 4 values:

  1. Pleassure — I want to feel good
  2. Possessions — I want to make a lot of money
  3. Prestige — I want to be famous
  4. Power — I want to be in control

Once we know, how these values operate, we can be prepared and avoid to fall into the snare of the devil.

The counterpart of these should be LOVE:

  1. I want to make the other people feel good
  2. I want to serve people with my possessions
  3. I want to humble myself
  4. I want to control myself

Be on guard brothers and sisters, and do not get conformed to this world’s image!

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