The Whisper of Love

Did you ever hear the whisper
Sweet of the evening breeze

Taken by the wings of wind,
Dancing in the air…
Caressing your ears…
Bringing you divine romance?

Then a torent of feelings
Captured your very heart,
You jumped of joy,
And suddenly began to fly
On spiritual heights
To your once lost Paradise!

Beautiful Venezzia

Rising from the waters
As a sun of Venetian lagoon,
Like a living mirage,
The city of canals and gondolas
Is unlike any other city…
In a romantic maze
Of alleys and waterways,
Tiny squares and bridges
Plays hide and seek with each other,
Like children in a fantasy world!
Beautiful Venezzia,
The envy of all Europe,
With magic sinking palaces,
The home of vivacious Vivaldi,
Great adventurer Marco Polo,
And Saint Mark’s Basilica…
The city of art and music
With statues and columns,
Paintings and frescos,
The cradle of lovers
With exotic places,
Cozy restaurants,
Great food and wine
And beautiful people…
Beautiful Venezia,
You mesmerize my eyes,
Engage my imagination,
And fill my heart and soul
With ecstasy and romance!

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