When God loves,
He doesn’t just love,
He lavishes us with love:
His love is extravagant!
When God loves,
He gives!
And when He gives,
He dances with joy!
He loves to give –
The gifts of His love!
God in His pure love,
He poures His goodness and grace
Overwhelming our soul!
Thus, our soul becomes a cup
And His love – Pacific Ocean!
So, I am filled, flooded
With the amazing love of God
That i couldn’t contain it
But let it overflow to others!

An Ocean In A Drop

John 3:16 has been called An ocean of thought in a drop of language.
I am in awe of this verse, for this verse opened my eyes to the love of God
and I opened my heart to receive the Lord Jesus.
Eternity alone will tell how many millions of souls have been saved because
of these majestic words that bore fruit in their lives.
This gem starts with God and ends with everlasting life. 
The Son
who is the theme of John’s Gospel is exactly in the center where He belongs.
It is the GOSPEL condensed in just a few words!

 For God
so loved the world, that He gave His Only
begotten Son
that whosoever believe in Him should not Perish
but have Everlasting

The Beauty of the Book

John 3:16

For God
Love’s original source
so loved
Love’s infinite measure
the world
Love’s unworthy object
that He gave
Love’s ultimate proof
His only begotten Son
Love’s priceless sacrifice
that whosoever
Love’s impartial offer
believe in Him
Love’s greatest desire
should not perish
Love’s unfailing promise
but have everlasting life
Love’s eternal provision


God made man
In His own image
And man had chosen
To reject Him,
For God made man
Free to do so…
Yet, a simple prayer,
A simple act of faith,
And man would be
Full of the love of God,
That he mistakenly shout out!
It’s easy as opening a door,
Yet, it’s difficult
As finding the humility
To return to first love!

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