21 Century… less



Life must be understood seeing backwards
And must be lived looking forward!

Viața trebuie înțeleasă privind înapoi
Și trebuie trăită privind înainte!

What money can do!

Money can buy you a house but not a home!
Money can buy you a bed but not sleep!
Money can buy you a clock but not time!
Money can buy you a book but not knowledge!
Money can buy you a position but not respect!
Money can buy you medicine but not health!
Money can buy you a spouse but not love!
Money can buy you pounds of blood but not life!
Money can buy you riches but not happiness!
Money can buy you a place to be buried but not a place in heaven!

Money is not everything in life!
We need love, true love!
We need to love and be loved!
I would do and give anything for love!

Wise saying

If you let your dreams die, your life is…
like a bird with broken wings!

Dacă lași visele să moară,
viața este ca o pasăre cu aripile rupte!


The scrap book of a poet

The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams!

I live to dream
a beautiful dream
in HD and 3D…
whereby I dream
that I live
a beautiful life!

When you cease to dream , you die.  You have nothing to live for, anymore.
As far as your dreams don’t hurt anyone, continue dreaming: God will fulfill them, your dreams will come true!

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