When God loves,
He doesn’t just love,
He lavishes us with love:
His love is extravagant!
When God loves,
He gives!
And when He gives,
He dances with joy!
He loves to give –
The gifts of His love!
God in His pure love,
He poures His goodness and grace
Overwhelming our soul!
Thus, our soul becomes a cup
And His love – Pacific Ocean!
So, I am filled, flooded
With the amazing love of God
That i couldn’t contain it
But let it overflow to others!

Grace a Wonderful gift

We thank God for His GRACE,
the first baby girl of Monica & Chris,
our beautiful grand daughter
that brings us joy & bliss!
And what else can we do
with this wonderful gift,
than to give back to Him,
in order that GRACE
will be cherished
and loved
and safe,
in His arms, always!

Vio & Doru Gradinaru

Notes on Heaven

The light of heaven is the face of Jesus Christ
The joy of heaven is the presence of Jesus Christ
The song of heaven is the name of Jesus Christ
The theme of heaven is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
The worship of heaven is lordship of Jesus Christ
The fullness of heaven is the person of Jesus Christ
The attraction of heaven is the beauty of Jesus Christ

In heaven we will learn:
the person of God
the plan of God
the power of God.

Of course, we can foretaste these, even from here!

See you there

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