I have a secret place:
The sweet presence of Jesus
Where I hide myself…
No one knows but i do!
No one listen but I do!
Every morning when dew’s falling,
In the secret of His presence
I glean blessings from heaven:
God bestows His grace on me
When face to face with Jesus
I eat the word from His lips!
Then  I will pray quietly,
Pouring my heart before Him,
Giving Him all my burdens,
Receiving His rest instead…
I bow down at His feet
Adoring, praising, worshiping Him,
He lift me up, kindly,
And in His loving arms
I put my head on His chest,
Feeling love at its best!

Joyful worship

Do you believe that among all the throng of those who see the Lord face to face, there is one dull, cold, careless worshipper? Look through the seraphim and cherubim: they are all flaming ones, burning with intense desire 949400_love_is_musicand fervent adoration. Look through the hosts of angels: they are all His ministers that do His pleasure, and bless Him while they do it. Search through all those sanctified and glorified bands of spirits, and you shall not find one with half-closed eye wearily praising his Master. Heaven consists in joyful praise.

Look at the very birds on earth, how they shame us! Dear little creatures, if you watch them when they are singing, you will sometimes wonder how so much sound can come out of such diminutive bodies. How they throw their whole selves into the music, and seem to melt themselves away in song! How the wing vibrates, the throat pulsates, and every part of their body rejoices to assist the strain! This is the way we ought to praise God.

If birds that are sold at three for two farthings yet render God such praise, how much more heartily ought we to sing before Him?



The great tragedy of the church

Most churches are busy with activities, programs and ministries.
Few churches are truly sending out their members to evangelize those in their communities. 
1617The Great Commission has fast become the Great Omission.
Evangelism is dying.
Churches are dying.
People are going to hell without Christ.
It is perhaps the greatest tragedy today.

What are you doing to lead your church to become more evangelistic? 

Making sense of ministry

The foundation of ministry is character.
The nature of ministry is service.
The motive of ministry is love .
The measure of ministry is sacrifice.
The authority of ministry is submission.
The purpose of ministry is the glory of God.
The tools of ministry are the Word of God & prayer.
The privilege of ministry is growth.
The power of ministry is the Holy Spirit.
The model for ministry is Jesus Christ.

Jesus: Cosmic and Historic

 Older than time,
Greater than life,
Stronger than death…
The soaring eagle of eternity!

The King of kings,
The Lord of lords!
All splendor of heavens
Revealed in a human body!

God with tears,
Creator with a heart!
You came down to earth
To redeem mankind!

An Ocean In A Drop

John 3:16 has been called An ocean of thought in a drop of language.
I am in awe of this verse, for this verse opened my eyes to the love of God
and I opened my heart to receive the Lord Jesus.
Eternity alone will tell how many millions of souls have been saved because
of these majestic words that bore fruit in their lives.
This gem starts with God and ends with everlasting life. 
The Son
who is the theme of John’s Gospel is exactly in the center where He belongs.
It is the GOSPEL condensed in just a few words!

 For God
so loved the world, that He gave His Only
begotten Son
that whosoever believe in Him should not Perish
but have Everlasting


The 4 M’s of Christmas

1) The Miracle of Christmas — The Virgin Birth: God Incarnated

2) The Message of Christmas — Today in the city of David was born a Savior: Christ the Lord

3) The Mission of Christmas — Tell to the World About Jesus

4) The Messengers of Christmas — Angels, Shepherds, Magi and… you


Cartea Vieții

La Biserica Creștină Harul

Culegem spice din Evanghelia după Ioan și am ajuns la cap. 2:  Nunta din Cana.
După ce am văzut Mărturia prietenilor, vom vedea în continuare Mărturia lucrărilor Lui.
Domnul Isus este un profet puternic în „fapte” și „cuvinte”.
În cele 4 evanghelii sunt recordate 35 minuni ale Domnului Isus!
Din toate faptele, minunile Domnului Isus, apostolul Ioan alege 7 și le folosește ca semne, să arate Dumnezeirea lui Christos.

Acestea sunt: 1) Schimbarea apei în vin; 2) Vindecarea fiului unui nobil; 3) Vindecarea paraliticului de 38 ani; 4) Înmulțirea pâinilor; 5) Umblarea pe mare; 6) Vindecarea orbului din naștere; 7) Învierea lui Lazăr.  
De aceea cartea Ioan se mai numește și Cartea celor 7 semne.

Duminica aceasta vom studia Triumful Domnului Isus și cu ocazia aceasta vom vedea cum El și-a revelat: gloria, râvna, atotștiința.

Pentru detalii vă puteți referi la http://www.bcharul.org click on predici și vizionează.


If you look at yourself, you will be distressed!
If you look at others, you will be depressed!
If you look at Jesus, you will be blessed!

It’s your choice.


“Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29)

The greatest question of the Old Testament is Isaak’s question, “Where is the Lamb?”
The New Testament in the gospel of John gives the answer through John the Baptist, “Behold the Lamb!”
And in the book of Revelation John says, “Worthy is the Lamb…”
The greatest need of the world is redemption.
The world needs somebody to remove her sin, and as the Bible points out, only Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God can do that. This redemption is possible through His perfect sacrifice, His blood shed on the cross, His death and resurrection  for you.
Do you still, have your burden of sin on you or has been removed by Jesus?
Did you receive Jesus as personal Lord and Savior?
Invite Him in your life, today.

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