I have a secret place:
The sweet presence of Jesus
Where I hide myself…
No one knows but i do!
No one listen but I do!
Every morning when dew’s falling,
In the secret of His presence
I glean blessings from heaven:
God bestows His grace on me
When face to face with Jesus
I eat the word from His lips!
Then  I will pray quietly,
Pouring my heart before Him,
Giving Him all my burdens,
Receiving His rest instead…
I bow down at His feet
Adoring, praising, worshiping Him,
He lift me up, kindly,
And in His loving arms
I put my head on His chest,
Feeling love at its best!


Take me

Take me where you are,
Here is not my place,
I want to be with you…
To look into your glory,
To gaze on your face!
Take me where you are,
Grant me this grace!

Joyful worship

Do you believe that among all the throng of those who see the Lord face to face, there is one dull, cold, careless worshipper? Look through the seraphim and cherubim: they are all flaming ones, burning with intense desire 949400_love_is_musicand fervent adoration. Look through the hosts of angels: they are all His ministers that do His pleasure, and bless Him while they do it. Search through all those sanctified and glorified bands of spirits, and you shall not find one with half-closed eye wearily praising his Master. Heaven consists in joyful praise.

Look at the very birds on earth, how they shame us! Dear little creatures, if you watch them when they are singing, you will sometimes wonder how so much sound can come out of such diminutive bodies. How they throw their whole selves into the music, and seem to melt themselves away in song! How the wing vibrates, the throat pulsates, and every part of their body rejoices to assist the strain! This is the way we ought to praise God.

If birds that are sold at three for two farthings yet render God such praise, how much more heartily ought we to sing before Him?



What money can do!

Money can buy you a house but not a home!
Money can buy you a bed but not sleep!
Money can buy you a clock but not time!
Money can buy you a book but not knowledge!
Money can buy you a position but not respect!
Money can buy you medicine but not health!
Money can buy you a spouse but not love!
Money can buy you pounds of blood but not life!
Money can buy you riches but not happiness!
Money can buy you a place to be buried but not a place in heaven!

Money is not everything in life!
We need love, true love!
We need to love and be loved!
I would do and give anything for love!

Believe it

Notes on Heaven

The light of heaven is the face of Jesus Christ
The joy of heaven is the presence of Jesus Christ
The song of heaven is the name of Jesus Christ
The theme of heaven is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ
The worship of heaven is lordship of Jesus Christ
The fullness of heaven is the person of Jesus Christ
The attraction of heaven is the beauty of Jesus Christ

In heaven we will learn:
the person of God
the plan of God
the power of God.

Of course, we can foretaste these, even from here!

See you there

Nothing is better than love

Love is…
Sweeter than wine,
Stronger than death,
Higher than the sky,
Deeper than the ocean,
Greater than the earth!

Love is…
A light from heaven,
A spark of immortal fire,
A taste of eternity,
A measure of immensity,
A drop of infinity!

Love is…
The fiery passion,
The most consuming fire,
The brightest flame,
The very flame of God!

(Song of songs 8:6-7)

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