Take me

Take me where you are,
Here is not my place,
I want to be with you…
To look into your glory,
To gaze on your face!
Take me where you are,
Grant me this grace!

Prayer for New Year


Almighty God,
You are my Father!
As Your child,
With a sincere faith
I put my trembling hand
In Your strong hand,
Please, lead me into
The New Year
Through your grace,
To a safety place,
So that I will praise
Your wonderful Name

Grace a Wonderful gift

We thank God for His GRACE,
the first baby girl of Monica & Chris,
our beautiful grand daughter
that brings us joy & bliss!
And what else can we do
with this wonderful gift,
than to give back to Him,
in order that GRACE
will be cherished
and loved
and safe,
in His arms, always!

Vio & Doru Gradinaru


Five points of Jean Calvin shaped in a TULIP:

otal depravity of man

U nconditional election of God

L imited atonment for all the elect

I rezistable grace of God

P erseverence of saints until the end


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