Day after day,
Night after night,
Tear after tear,
Missing you…
I am so, lonely…
I am waiting for you,
To come with your love,
To rescue my life!
Mend my broken heart,
Lift me up
On the wings of love
Take me to Paradise!


I have a secret place:
The sweet presence of Jesus
Where I hide myself…
No one knows but i do!
No one listen but I do!
Every morning when dew’s falling,
In the secret of His presence
I glean blessings from heaven:
God bestows His grace on me
When face to face with Jesus
I eat the word from His lips!
Then  I will pray quietly,
Pouring my heart before Him,
Giving Him all my burdens,
Receiving His rest instead…
I bow down at His feet
Adoring, praising, worshiping Him,
He lift me up, kindly,
And in His loving arms
I put my head on His chest,
Feeling love at its best!

Gifts from above…

God gave me…
Ears to hear Him,
Mind to rest on Him,
Eyes to gaze His beauty,
Hands to do labor of love,
Feet to walk on the way of righteousness,
Feelings, pure sentiments to love Him,
Holy Spirit to worship Him!
I’m happy to be His child!

Picnic – Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, 28 May, we have a picnic at Coulon Beach Park – Creek Side Shelter organized by Grace Christian Church.
We have prepared surprises, prices, Bible games, Soccer game, great fellowship and… the so great Romanian “mititei” – the speciality of our house.  Desert will be in place with different pies (placinte) and donuts (gogosi).
We’ll do some singing and Bible quiz bee.  And we pray for the sun!
Come on out and have fun with us!
You’re invited!

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