I am back…

Praise the Lord after one year since I had a stroke, now I am back with more inspiration & power!

God healed me, delivered me, cleansed me, & sanctified me!  

Glory be to Him who loves me so much that He spared my life from suffering & death!

What a wonderful, mighty God He is, worthy to be praised & worshiped!

I am grateful for the miracle He did with me & I will serve Him with honor for the rest of my days!

If you are experiencing difficulties, trials, suffering, trust in the God of miracles, He will do wonders for you!

I am a living testimony of this: if He healed me, He surely will heal you too! 

Ten commandments abot preaching


Ten Commandments of Preaching.

  1. Thou shalt not preach stolen sermons.  God has a message to deliver to your church through you.
  2. Thou shalt tell stories.  When it comes to making an impact, stories work better than facts and points.
  3. Thou shalt finish early in the week.  The principle of first fruits doesn’t just apply to money – put that sermon in the crockpot and give the Holy Spirit more time to speak to you.
  4. Thou shalt make your point memorable.  Having a topic isn’t the same as having a point.
  5. Thou shalt show it, not just say it.  Object lessons, images and props can enhance a message and help it be remembered.
  6. Thou shalt preach what God says, not what you think.  I’m sure your opinions are interesting, but God’s Word is eternal.
  7. Thou shalt find common ground.  People won’t automatically tune in because you’re the preacher or you’re preaching the Bible.
  8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s style.  You are not Andy Stanley, Francis Chan or Perry Noble.  Not only is that okay, it’s good.
  9. Thou shalt keep it short.  The congregation may stop listening before you’re done talking.
  10. Thou shalt get help.  I know your spouse loves you, but you need more unbiased feedback.


Father’s Day

Omul lui Dumnezeu (1Tim.6:11-16)

Lumea proiectează asupra noastră o imagine falsă a bărbatului!
The wold projects on us a false image of man!

Biblia ne dă portretul unui bărbat adevărat: omul lui Dumnezeu.
The Bible gives us the portrait of the real man: the man of God.

Întrebare de tranziție:
Transitional statement:
Cum putem recunoaște un om al lui Dumnezeu?
How can we recognize a man of God?

Thesis Statement:
În textul citit, Omul lui Dumnezeu este marcat de 4 calități:
In the biblical text The man of God is marked by 4 quality:

  • De ce (lucruri) fuge?
  • What he flees from?
  • Ce urmărește (caută)?
  • What he follows after?
  • Pentru ce se luptă?
  • What he fights for?
  • Cui îi este credincios?
  • Whom is he faithful to?

Ești tu un om al lui Dumnezeu?  Dacă nu, vino, acum la El prin Christos!
Are you a man of God?  If not, come to Him through Christ!

Picnic – Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, 28 May, we have a picnic at Coulon Beach Park – Creek Side Shelter organized by Grace Christian Church.
We have prepared surprises, prices, Bible games, Soccer game, great fellowship and… the so great Romanian “mititei” – the speciality of our house.  Desert will be in place with different pies (placinte) and donuts (gogosi).
We’ll do some singing and Bible quiz bee.  And we pray for the sun!
Come on out and have fun with us!
You’re invited!


“Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29)

The greatest question of the Old Testament is Isaak’s question, “Where is the Lamb?”
The New Testament in the gospel of John gives the answer through John the Baptist, “Behold the Lamb!”
And in the book of Revelation John says, “Worthy is the Lamb…”
The greatest need of the world is redemption.
The world needs somebody to remove her sin, and as the Bible points out, only Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God can do that. This redemption is possible through His perfect sacrifice, His blood shed on the cross, His death and resurrection  for you.
Do you still, have your burden of sin on you or has been removed by Jesus?
Did you receive Jesus as personal Lord and Savior?
Invite Him in your life, today.

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