The romance of beauty

As the spheres ascended
From the earth, they held
Objects of increasing beauty:
The sun, moon, stars, planets…
Accompanied by myriad of angels…

With precise perfection,
The spheres moved,
Around the earth,
In a cosmic dance,
And as they moved,
They produced a beautiful music –
The sound of heaven,
The harmony of creation!

As I traveled
With the speed of thought,
Throughout the galaxies
Of our immense Universe,
On the alleys of warm light…
The eternal silence,
In a perfect peace,
Of infinite space,
Made me tremble in my spirit,
Giving me an awesome feeling
Of meeting the wonderful Creator!

The awareness of His presence,
Overwhelmed my whole being,
Created in me a strong attraction
And, amazingly, caused me
To bow down and worship Him!

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