Lirica melodiei,
Muzicalitatea cuvintelor,
Sărutul rimei,
Tandrețea poeziei,
Dorul nostalgiei,
Ecstazul dorului,
Pasiunea romanței…
Mă poartă
Într-un vals amețitor
Să zbor…
Dincolo de nori,
Până la Tine!
Este scris în stele,
În Cartea Ta,
Și chiar în inima mea
Că iubirea Ta
Pentru persoana mea
Nu va înceta…
De aceea, recunoscător,
Îți ofer cu dor
În return iubirea mea!


Day after day,
Night after night,
Tear after tear,
Missing you…
I am so, lonely…
I am waiting for you,
To come with your love,
To rescue my life!
Mend my broken heart,
Lift me up
On the wings of love
Take me to Paradise!



When God loves,
He doesn’t just love,
He lavishes us with love:
His love is extravagant!
When God loves,
He gives!
And when He gives,
He dances with joy!
He loves to give –
The gifts of His love!
God in His pure love,
He poures His goodness and grace
Overwhelming our soul!
Thus, our soul becomes a cup
And His love – Pacific Ocean!
So, I am filled, flooded
With the amazing love of God
That i couldn’t contain it
But let it overflow to others!

The Whisper of Love

Did you ever hear the whisper
Sweet of the evening breeze

Taken by the wings of wind,
Dancing in the air…
Caressing your ears…
Bringing you divine romance?

Then a torent of feelings
Captured your very heart,
You jumped of joy,
And suddenly began to fly
On spiritual heights
To your once lost Paradise!


I have a secret place:
The sweet presence of Jesus
Where I hide myself…
No one knows but i do!
No one listen but I do!
Every morning when dew’s falling,
In the secret of His presence
I glean blessings from heaven:
God bestows His grace on me
When face to face with Jesus
I eat the word from His lips!
Then  I will pray quietly,
Pouring my heart before Him,
Giving Him all my burdens,
Receiving His rest instead…
I bow down at His feet
Adoring, praising, worshiping Him,
He lift me up, kindly,
And in His loving arms
I put my head on His chest,
Feeling love at its best!


The mountains purple and gold glow
With the first kiss of the Sun,
Cool dew falls from Heavens,
The world is waken up
Caressed by the first rays
of the briteful Sun…
That bask the Earth in a sea of light
Making everything beautiful and bright!
On this day You came to me
As a ray of Eternity:
You call me with love and
Touched my heart overwhelmingly…

Take me

Take me where you are,
Here is not my place,
I want to be with you…
To look into your glory,
To gaze on your face!
Take me where you are,
Grant me this grace!

My book is published!



Când dorința
Mă face să zbor
Și visul, ușor,
Mă leagănă-n vânt,
Eu uit că sunt
Pe pământ…
Mă arunc
La pieptul tău
În brațele iubirii
Și sper și râd și cânt!

 Când sufletul
Mi se-nalță
Fericit în soare,
Inima-n sărbătoare
Te iubește,
Te îndrăgește…
Copleșită, curățită,
Ți se dăruiește
În Templul soarelui,
Pe Altarul iubirii,
Din fructul fericirii

Prayer for New Year


Almighty God,
You are my Father!
As Your child,
With a sincere faith
I put my trembling hand
In Your strong hand,
Please, lead me into
The New Year
Through your grace,
To a safety place,
So that I will praise
Your wonderful Name

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