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I am back…

Praise the Lord after one year since I had a stroke, now I am back with more inspiration & power!

God healed me, delivered me, cleansed me, & sanctified me!  

Glory be to Him who loves me so much that He spared my life from suffering & death!

What a wonderful, mighty God He is, worthy to be praised & worshiped!

I am grateful for the miracle He did with me & I will serve Him with honor for the rest of my days!

If you are experiencing difficulties, trials, suffering, trust in the God of miracles, He will do wonders for you!

I am a living testimony of this: if He healed me, He surely will heal you too! 

My book is published!

Happy New Year

Joyful worship

Do you believe that among all the throng of those who see the Lord face to face, there is one dull, cold, careless worshipper? Look through the seraphim and cherubim: they are all flaming ones, burning with intense desire 949400_love_is_musicand fervent adoration. Look through the hosts of angels: they are all His ministers that do His pleasure, and bless Him while they do it. Search through all those sanctified and glorified bands of spirits, and you shall not find one with half-closed eye wearily praising his Master. Heaven consists in joyful praise.

Look at the very birds on earth, how they shame us! Dear little creatures, if you watch them when they are singing, you will sometimes wonder how so much sound can come out of such diminutive bodies. How they throw their whole selves into the music, and seem to melt themselves away in song! How the wing vibrates, the throat pulsates, and every part of their body rejoices to assist the strain! This is the way we ought to praise God.

If birds that are sold at three for two farthings yet render God such praise, how much more heartily ought we to sing before Him?



Ten commandments abot preaching


Ten Commandments of Preaching.

  1. Thou shalt not preach stolen sermons.  God has a message to deliver to your church through you.
  2. Thou shalt tell stories.  When it comes to making an impact, stories work better than facts and points.
  3. Thou shalt finish early in the week.  The principle of first fruits doesn’t just apply to money – put that sermon in the crockpot and give the Holy Spirit more time to speak to you.
  4. Thou shalt make your point memorable.  Having a topic isn’t the same as having a point.
  5. Thou shalt show it, not just say it.  Object lessons, images and props can enhance a message and help it be remembered.
  6. Thou shalt preach what God says, not what you think.  I’m sure your opinions are interesting, but God’s Word is eternal.
  7. Thou shalt find common ground.  People won’t automatically tune in because you’re the preacher or you’re preaching the Bible.
  8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s style.  You are not Andy Stanley, Francis Chan or Perry Noble.  Not only is that okay, it’s good.
  9. Thou shalt keep it short.  The congregation may stop listening before you’re done talking.
  10. Thou shalt get help.  I know your spouse loves you, but you need more unbiased feedback.


Romanța Stelelor


„Ridicați-vă ochii în sus și priviți stelele…”
Atâtea luminițe vii suspendate pe firmamentul Cerului…
Cine le-a făcut pe ele?
Cum și de ce?
Sunt corpuri cerești care au fost create la Cuvântul lui Dumnezeu să lumineze Pământul noastru, noaptea.
Să-i dea orientare omului, să-i încânte privirea, să-l umple de mister,
și-mpreună cu Luna – Regina nopții, să-i aducă romanța, să-i ridice privirea spre cer!
Stelele răspund la apelul divin când Creatorul le cheamă pe nume – niciuna nu lipsește!
În zori de zi, stelele izbucnesc în cântări de bucurie la adresa Creatorului lor!
O, de le-am auzi și noi cântul lor sublim!
Dacă am putea distinge șoaptele amoroare ale stelelor…
O, de am înțelege mesajul lor!
Atunci, melodia lor sublimă ne-ar ridica sufletul până la cer…
și într-un ritm de dans, ne-am aventura pe alei de dor… prin pleiada stelelor… până am ajunge la al nostru Creator…
Ne-am uni și noi, cei din Valea Plângerii cu toată zidirea și i-am aduce omagiul adorării Ziditorului!
Și într-un mod personal I-am spune tandru, romantic:
„Tu ești steaua mea – iubirea care-mi desfătează inima!”
Iar El cu un glas blând, romantic ne-ar asigura: „Te iubesc fiul Meu, fiica Mea!”

Romanța stelelor fie și romanța ta.

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