The beauty of the Word of God (II)

The Bible is a masterpiece of universal literature — a wonderful, rich, beautiful, supernatural book, full of revelation, wonders, divine knowledge.

On its pages we find, “poetry, prose, prophecy, narration, history, drama, acrostics, parables, symbols, art, science, images, figurative speech…”

Bible is the only book that, although, dates from millenniums, its author is still alive, lives and will live eternally!

God wrote the Bible, a full library of 66 books, through 44 human writers, during 1,500 years.  All these co-authors had different professions, from shepherd to king and lived in different times but one can marvel at the harmony and the unity of the Word of God!

The Bible is a unique book, the book of books which contain the message of God to the fallen human kind: the love letter of our heavenly Father to sinful man!

Simply put it, in this book we can discover major truths regarding God, man, sin, salvation, holiness, end of times, the way to heaven…

From start to finish, the Bible shows clearly the person and work of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who came from heaven to earth, to reveal God the Father to us, having done the work of salvation on the cross of Calvary for sinners.

The salvation provided by God is exclusively through the person of Jesus Christ, namely believing in His sacrificial death on the cross and his resurrection from the dead.

Have you trusted Him?

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